Refugee in Härnösand

Welcome to Härnösand. Here you will find information about Härnösand and activities that society offers refugees.

informationsbild på hemsidan

At you can read about Sweden and Härnösand in different languages.

Municipality's activities and services

At Samlingspunkten you find a social meeting place where there is multilingual staff. Viktoriagatan 3, open Monday-Friday 9:15-16:30.

Volunteer efforts in Härnösand

ABF - Swedish for asylum-seekers

In a cooperation with Härnösands kommun, Swedish church, pingst Härnösand and Härnösands bibliotek (Härnösands library)

  • ABF Parketten 9:30-11:45 Monday to Friday
  • Härnösands bibliotek13:00-15:15 Monday to Friday
  • Pingstkyrkan 14:00-16:15 Thursdays and Fridays
  • Älandsbro Folkets Hus 10:00-12:15 Fridays
  • Utansjögården 10:00-12:15 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Sporthotellet 18:00-20:15 Wednesdays
  • Highway hotell 14:00-16:15 Thursdays and Fridays
  • Hotell MittiHärnösand 14:00-16:15 Tuesdays

Coordinator for the activity:

Fekre Kamal, phone: 072-571 08 57 

Flytking i Härnösand- arabisk översättning

Flykting i Härnösand på arabiska - Refugee in Härnösand in arabic

Flykting i Härnösand översatt på tigrinja

Flykting i Härnösand på tigrinja - Refugee in Härnösand in tigrinja